Inclusive Cricket Officer takes Melbourne Fellowship

Caption: Joana showing Melissa how to catch.


Cricket Fiji Development Officer for Inclusive Cricket, Joana Lesianawai, will depart for Melbourne, Australia, on Sunday, as a part of the Australian Leadership Awards (ALA) Fellowships program.

Joana will be based in Australia’s sporting capital for three months, undertaking an internship with Cricket Victoria.  Similar to her role at Cricket Fiji, Joana will be participating in visits in the field to school and community groups, as well as undertaking an administrative role.

The ALA Fellowships program, funded by the Australian government, aims to develop leadership and other skills in priority areas including disability and development, health, and education, through targeting senior officials and mid-career professionals who are already leaders in their organisations in their home country.  Once passing a highly competitive selection process, successful applicants are fully funded for the program, including airfares, training costs, medical insurance, and accommodation and living expenses.

Joana will be based in the city suburb of Jolimont, within walking distance of the Cricket Victoria, Cricket Australia and International Cricket Council’s (ICC) East-Asia Pacific (EAP) offices, as well as the sporting mecca of the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).  This will be a rare opportunity for Joana to experience the inner-workings of a large sporting body in a country where cricket is a major sport.

Joana said she is very excited for the challenge that’s coming forth.

“I’m hoping to come back with something that is more productive and could benefit Cricket Fiji,” she said.

Joana will return to Cricket Fiji in December, during the height of the 2013-2014 season.

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