Increase in home fires worries NFA

National Fire Authority (NFA) has raised its concern on the increasing number of property fire incidents in the first quarter of 2013.

At the end of the first quarter 2013(January to March), NFA has attended to thirty-two structural fires as compared to twenty-one for the same period last year.

NFA CEO John O’Connor said the increase in property fires is becoming a serious concern to the NFA.

“NFA is very concerned since out of the 32 structural fires attended, 9 structural fires have been intentionally started by the owners of the property or by others as a result of family disputes.

“People should be mindful that a fire is the most dangerous disaster that can happen to anyone,” Mr O’Connor said

“Our humble plea to the members of the community is to avoid taking such actions as this leads to a greater consequences and lot of sufferings on people’s lives. NFA is humbly urging members of the community not to resort to the starting of property fires and the setting of fire to oneself as a means to resolve family disputes.

“We urge family’s who have difficulties to seek professional assistance and guidance from the relevant government and non government agencies.

“There have been six fire deaths so far and five of these fire deaths were the result of fires intentionally started as a result of family disputes while one fire death was suspicious.

“We only have one life and must preserve our precious life,” Mr O’Connor said.

Meanwhile Mr O’Connor is also urging members of the community to pay more attention to fire safety measures at home.

“Apart from the arson fire cases in the first quarter other leading causes of home fires were children playing with matches, candles, mosquito coils and unattended cooking fires.

“Our humble plea to all home owners is to take extra care with these fire ignition sources at home,” Mr O’Connor said.

“The NFA needs a concerted effort by the home owners to minimize the home fires.

NFA fire safety tips:

●Do not leave a lit cigarette, prayer diyas or candle unattended.

●Keep matches and lighters well out of the reach of children.

●Don’t overload electrical sockets.

Before going to bed:

●Make sure all unattended cooking fires are put out completely.

●Check everything is safe before you go to bed.

●Candles, mosquito coils, prayer diyas and other fire ignition sources must be put out before going to bed.

●Walk around your children’s bedroom to ensure that any unattended fire or fire ignition source are not left unattended.

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