Indian High Commissioner presses go button for FijiCare Medical Centre

Integrated Patient Management System goes live – 22nd May 2013


A new Information Technology system will see more efficient and real-time services for FijiCare Insurance Limited clients and medical doctors (MDs) alike. The software created and purchased from India’s E-Meditek Technologies cost FijiCare around US$250,000 overall. His Excellency, Mr Vinod Kumar, most graciously launched FijiCare Insurance’s inauguration event for its modern Medical Centre Patient Management System.

The system was created by E-Meditek Technologies; Gurgaon based affiliate of E-Meditek, the leading Indian medical claims third party administrator. Henceforth, patients at FijiCare’s medical centre will find their cases administered by the same error-free and performing software as already millions of Indians.

The new software will identify patients via their FNPF number (in the case of FijiCare insured’s via photo IDs that in the future will also be barcoded). All treatments and medical findings will be recorded. Older patient records on paper will gradually be scanned and appended to the patient file.

Once the system will be working smoothly FijiCare’s MDs working on a capitation basis will be asked to also adopt the web-base software. FijiCare will assist as installation and staff training are concerned. MDs will receive automatically generated reports and be freed from the need to keep manual records. They will have online access to patient records even as regards treatment by a different prior practitioner.

In a third phase, FijiCare intends to offer its system and related services also to all other Fijian MDs as well as to private sector and government agencies who have chosen to self-administer their medical claims.

E-Meditek has already concluded the installation of FijiCare’s insurance administration and general ledger softwares. The patient management and the insurance administration systems are fully integrated. Treatment of an insured at FijiCare’s medical centre will thus automatically generate an insurance claim.

FijiCare has been E-Meditek’s first/development customer. E-Meditek’s revolutionary software is now also being marketed to insurers in Asia, Africa and Europe. It falls into a different league than the often 30 year old legacy systems that European insurers still keep patching up.




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