Caption: Simione Turagavou, WAF Supervisor Tamavua shares a moment of relief with Suva resident Mrs. Mate who now has a steady flow of water to the tap after experiencing an extended intermittent water supply.Photo:SUPPLIED.

Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) has made major inroads into intermittent water supplies that has affected 67 areas in population centres in Fiji.

WAF Chief Executive Opetaia Ravai said that the Authority has been faced with a challenge of transporting water through aged and often undersized pipes.  The design and construction of much of the network was put in place decades ago that catered for a different population and demand.

“The result has been an inconsistent supply of water to many households.  WAF has been working to continue to reduce the number of areas affected and has had considerable success.

“We have reduced those who had been receiving intermittent supply by 62% that translated to 25,800 metered customers.

“We are still on the job to ensure that the 38% who still face interruptions will have them repaired.  It won’t happen overnight, the causes have been in place for years, but they are in our work programme and they will be fixed,” Mr. Ravai concluded.

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