Joy for Water in Komo Village

THE villagers of Komo Island in the Lau Groups are delighted after having access to 24 hours of water supply in their village.

This initiative was made possible after the Water Authority of Fiji (WAF) had installed a longer pipe to draw water from the village borehole.

80 year old Paramount Chief of Komo village, Luvu Biu said that water is insufficient on the island mostly during the dry season.

“Whenever there was problem of water shortage in the village, we had to seek help from the government,” Biu stated.

He said that after the construction of the borehole in the village, they could not fully utilize the borehole since the pipe which used to draw water from the well was short.

“But now we would like to thank the government and WAF for helping the villagers to solve this problem,” added Biu.

He further added that the villagers do not have to worry about the dry spell anymore since they are receiving normal supply now.

Meanwhile, village Headmen Josaia Matavura echoed similar sentiments highlighting on the rationing of water to the villagers during dry season.

Matavura said the villagers have been relying on their roof catchment system to get their supply from after all these years.

He said that they had built 7 large concrete water tanks in various places around the village to make it accessible to the villagers.

Matavura explained that there used to be another water source right on the opposite side of the island, however, it was too far for the villagers.

“Now we are so grateful that we are receiving water supply 24 hours,” Matavura concluded.

WAF is committed to supply quality water to all Fijians and the commissioning of more projects continues in enabling this.



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