Kevin Spacey Goes Bollywood, Dances at the Indian Film Academy Awards:

While presenting on stage with Indian actor Shahdid Kapoor and actress Deepika Padukone at the International Indian Film Academy Awards in Tampa Bay this weekend, the 54-year-old House of Cards actor channeled his inner Bollywood star and did a little Indian dancing.

Spacey, Kapoor and Padukone were first handed traditional clothing, which they wrapped around their waists to form skirts. The stars then lined up before doing a synchronized dance for audience members inside the Raymond James Stadium.

Spacey kept his eyes on Padukone to mimic her gestures. The actors began by lifting their arms up to do hand gestures by their heads. They stepped side to side and then lifted their hands into the air.

They all then put one hand on their head while shaking their right hip. Things got feisty when the actors began shaking their skirts about before finishing their performance with some high-fives. The whole bit ended with a flash of pyrotechnics.

Source: Eonline.

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