Courts Mega Store Namaka Retail Manager and chief guest Jagdishwar Prasad hands over the Bina musical set to Master Osea. Photo: SALOTE QALUBAU.


Students and teachers of Korovuto Primary School gathered on Friday, March 14 to commemorate the joyous festival of Holi with colors galore while also happily receiving a Bina musical set as a form of assistance kindly donated by Courts Fiji Limited to the school to assist in music classes.

“I feel proud to be a part of today’s celebration, as this also marks the spiritual power of unity for the Korovuto Primary School,” said Courts Mega Store Namaka Retail Manager and chief guest Jagdishwar Prasad.

Mr Prasad added that the auspicious occasion often projected an atmosphere of equality, peace and harmony as it is a festival for the common man thus setting aside distinction or discrimination that may individuals from freely participating in this joyous event.

“We have our own school cultural committee who had organized todays celebration, and we hope to maintain the celebration of other cultural festivals within the school mainly to encourage students to become good responsible citizens of tomorrow by trying to understand other cultures and their beliefs,” said Korovuto Primary School Head Teacher Osea Dau.

Mr Dau thanked the school management for mainly orchestrating the celebration as well as Courts Fiji Limited for the timely Donation of the Bina musical set which had encouraged cultural diversity by including I-taukei students in the festivities.

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