Labour minister meets chamber members

CAPTION: Minister for Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Jone Usumate, second from left, with his delegation and members of the Nadi Chamber of Commerce & Industry at the Jacks of Fiji training room today. Photo: SHALENDRA PRASAD.


THURSDAY, February 7, 2013. Minister for Labour, Industrial Relations and Employment Jone Usumate met with members of the Nadi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI) earlier today as part of his tour of the western division.

While meeting members of NCCI, Mr Usumate said the main reason for his visit was to seek assistance from everyone in order to fulfill the government’s promise of bringing about changes in the employment sector.

“I am here to seek assistance from you and to discuss issues which affect both the employers and employees. We need social justice for the people of Fiji,” Mr Usumate said.

The minister cited many examples of business operators not paying workers under the minimum wage guideline.

“I can understand that there may be business which are struggling and are not able to pay under the wage guideline. Such operators should come and talk to us so we can work out ways for them,” Mr Usumate said.

He said the government is here to promote the interest of both the employers and employees and therefore everyone needs to work together.

“The more inequality you have, the more problems you have,” Mr Usumate said.

NCCI president Dr Ram Raju saluted the minister and his delegation for taking out time to meet the members.

“We need to have a cordial relationship with everyone for a good and productive society,” Dr Raju said.

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