Land Transport Authority Needs to Act on Complaints.



Prompt and tough actions are what the public wants from the Land Transport Authority when dealing with complaints.
Consumer Council of Fiji CEO Premila Kumar said LTA needed to stop highlighting the number of complaints received by texting but rather act on the complaints.

“Action is better than numbers,” Ms Kumar said.

“The Council is reiterating its earlier call, urging the LTA to take speedy and effective action on the complaints it has received,” she said.

Ms Kumar said the LTA should not be simply highlighting the ‘number’ of complaints received from the public since the setting up of its free texting service.

She said LTA should instead be talking more about outcomes which included what actions it had taken and what kind of redress have the complainants received.

“What is more crucial for the members of the public is to see some ‘prompt and tough action’ taken
by LTA in relation to the complaints received,” Ms Kumar said.

“While, the Council applauds LTA for its efforts in setting up a free texting service, what is more
important is the feedback on action taken on these complaints.”

“The Council believes that merely receiving complaints via the free text code, 582 and analyzing them will not encourage people to text complaints unless LTA provides feedback on the action taken.”

Ms Kumar said the public expected to see LTA acting on the complaints and not just using funds to put out advertisements on a meaningless analysis of the complaints.

She said more people will come forward with their grievances and complaints once they saw the regulator in action.
Ms Kumar said LTA needed to build public trust in its services and this could only be realized by effective
action taken on complaints rather than just focusing on the number of complaints received.

“The number of complaints it is able to resolve or successfully take action on will be the yardstick to
measure the effectiveness of LTA.”

“The addition of the text platform means that people will be able to conveniently lodge complaints and provide feedback, it does not necessarily mean that complaints are being successfully addressed.”

“The Council continues to receive concerns from many aggrieved commuters and motorists over
defective public service vehicles, in particular buses and defective second hand vehicles,
overcrowded buses, loud music, and above all non – availability of bus timetable either online or at
bus stations,” Ms Kumar said.

“At the end of the day, it is not about the numbers but the action taken by LTA on the complaints
that will encourage public to come forward,” Ms Kumar said.

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