“Leadership in schools matter and we expect delivery,” said the Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts Hon. Dr Mahendra Reddy.

The Minister stressed this point when he delivered his keynote address at the Future Leaders Workshop Phase One in Labasa today. The meeting was an opportunity for the Minister to reiterate to the senior education officials in the North on Government’s commitment to making education easily accessible.

“You must win their (students) confidence and trust, it is your job to reach out to the teachers and children and you must know your staff well,” said Minister Reddy.

He said that inorder to compliment education assistance, leadership in schools is a vital part of this process and the Ministry expects a delivery of the management output to create a knowledge-based society.

“Any leader has to first understand the whole business process and the productive process of what are the inputs and all leaders should not lose sight of the output they have to deliver,” Minister Reddy said.

“In education, there is an outcome that we target; this government targets for a knowledge-based society. This is an outcome and we are here to deliver onto this outcome but we must play our part”.

“You all play a very important role in delivering the output which will deliver that outcome, the outcome is qualified, educated people, and we want you to deliver this.”

Minister Reddy said leaders must talk with confidence, have thorough knowledge in subject matters and be able to boost the young people and teachers.


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