Learn fire safety: NFA

CAPTION: NFA firefighters spreading the fire safety message to the Ovea Kindergarten School students.

National Fire Authority (NFA) is again urging parents to discuss fire safety with their children at home.

NFA CEO John O’Connor highlighted that it is very important for parents and guardians to discuss and educate their children about fires and fire safety as this will make them aware of the dangers and the consequences of a fire.

“It is the responsibility of the parents to educate their children about fire safety since they are ultimately responsible and accountable for the safety and wellbeing of their children.

“We use fire ignition sources in all our homes and parents must accept and acknowledge that a fire can happen at any time at home and must ensure that all the family members are aware of what to do in case of a fire,” Mr O’Connor said.

“Children playing with matches is one of the leading causes of home fires over the years and it is important that as parents, we should take the first step and discuss these important messages with our children to avoid a disaster in our home,” Mr O’Connor said.

Meanwhile, Ovea Kindergarten School students visited the Suva Fire Station on Wednesday for the first time to learn about fire safety.

“Eleven pre-school children accompanied by their parents and teachers visited the Suva Fire Station to learn about fire safety.

The NFA CEO is requesting schools to contact their nearest fire station to arrange for this practical fire safety program. NFA can also visit schools to conduct our awareness programs.

“A fire can happen at any time to anyone at anywhere so we and our families need to be prepared,” Mr O’Connor added.


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