Locals feature well in Bollywood movies

CAPTION: Vishaarad in a still from 3G shot in Fiji. Photo: ADITI SHARAN.

28-year-old Vishaarad was unsure that if he will be seen in the final cut on the silver screen in the Bollywood film “3G” which was shot in Fiji last year and released worldwide last month.

Vishaarad told us that he plays a minor supporting role of a negative character by the name of Jaden in the film. He appears in 3 scenes and his role in the film which was around 10 minutes long, despite the 3 odd nights and long late night hours of shooting on the location. Additionally his voice in the movie is dubbed by a voice-over artist in India.

Most locations for the film were set in western Viti Levu, including nearby islands and Vishaarad’s final tiring scene was shot at Ed’s Bar in Nadi which appears in reverse  chronological order in the film.

While working on 3G, he said he found the experience to be interesting, with a mixture both good and bad, and only pursued the role due to the insistence of his mother, sister and close friends.

Vishaarad said the he found out about the role through his sister via her Facebook friend.  

He said he is not really excited about the film that he will allow his family to see it first and comment on his role after which he might see it if it airs on TV. He also said that will be proud to see other fellow local actors/actress in 3G.  Adding further, he found the crew of 3G both local and from India and overseas to be interesting, particularly the spot assistants, makeup artistes, cinematographers, DOPs etc, since they were encouraging, supportive and welcoming. Also it was interesting to the see lead actor’s Neil Nitin Mukesh directing and make-up skills in action during my scenes and he was one who advised on my make-up and appearance.

And goes on to say that he hopes that the film will not propagate any negative or misleading stereotypes about Fiji as well as typical typecasts related to gender, race and skin color found in the popular commercial entertainment. Additionally he hopes that if the movie is a success it will benefit Fiji more and the locals who made up the cast and crew, since Fiji has invested a lot in terms of the tax rebate and other means such as the local hospitality and assistance of various local individuals including Fiji Film.

He is also done a minor negative supporting role of the character named Vaastav in the soon to be released CHATAYI KAHAN BHICHAYUN by Prem Sivan Prasad.


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