LOL Foundation to promote and bring together grass root people


Newly formed charitable organisation, “Labour of Love” Foundation (LOL) is out to create a continuance of skills training and many other activities address the needs of the heart of the community, when they will organize their LOL markets in Lautoka.

LOL Foundation, Paula Rafiq said their vendors will consist mostly of the under privileged and they will not be charged a fee to set up a stall.

“We are providing this market as a platform for them as a continuance from their skills training, a much needed platform to generate income,” she said.

The organizing team consists of a small group of exceptional ladies who have past and current executive level experience in national and local charitable organizations.

“LOL Markets will be our first event and this was implemented as we have identified a huge gap where other organisations conduct skills training of the underprivileged. Unfortunately there is no continuance of skills training, there is no market to sell the products/produce they have been taught to make. And this is what we are addressing,” Rafiq said.

Rafiq said the markets will create alot for vendors and the public.

“The LOL markets will assist in networking of vendors, and will also broaden the horizon and invite those dancing skills and musical talents to busk and entertain,” she said.

Rafiq also said they will be working closely with Mix FM to promote Lautoka.

“We want to create exposure to the various skills and talents which is abundance with the community, and promote Lautoka as a great tourism industry. Bring communities together and develop community spirit,” she said.

Organisations that are by now involved with the LOL markets are; Mix FM, Lautoka City Council, Lautoka Chamber of Commerce, Modern Electric (Lautoka), Hirequip Ltd, Kings Neon Signs, Hart Homes Lovu and Koropita Model Town.

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