THE Fiji Roads Authority is advising commuters in the North about the temporary closure of the Lomaloma slip to allow contractors to carry out emergency remedial work to the site.

FRA chief executive officer, Neil Cook, said the slip located near Lomaloma Village on Transinsular Road, would be closed with temporary opening for 30 minutes within two hour duration where the public would be allowed access.

Repair and maintenance on the road will begin on Tuesday, March 19 next week and will continue until the next day but ancillary work will continue even after the road opens.

“During this operation the road will be closed for extended periods, the contractor will be working continuously until such time as the road can be fully trafficable with only minor delays,” Mr Cook said.

“The public are advised to allow extra time for their journeys during this important maintenance activity.”

The Lomaloma slip is a historic slip site, which Mr Cook said had deteriorated during the recent heavy rain thus necessitating repair works that would be carried out by FRA maintenance contractor Blacktop.

The road is a critical link between Savusavu and Labasa and vital for the passage of people, goods and services vehicles and for emergency services.

The contractors will also allow a special opening for traffic heading to Nabouwalu on Wednesday morning next week to grant passengers travelling by ferry easy access.


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