The Public Service Commission (PSC) is calling on students wishing to pursue higher education overseas to apply for scholarships advertised by Government for overseas training in the various countries beyond traditional training destinations.

PSC permanent secretary Parmesh Chand said these new scholarships are part of Government’s Look North Policy in strengthening bilateral relations in the areas of trade, health and more importantly in this regard education and training.

Mr Chand said there are long term training opportunities that are available which our students are not making full use of in countries such as India, China, Russia, Korea, Japan, Indonesia, Georgia, Morocco and Cuba.

“Students are encouraged to take advantage of such opportunities as an avenue to improve the country’s capacity in the medical, engineering, commerce, environmental and mineral science fields. The qualifications offered are also recognized internationally.”

He said under the provisions of scholarships, there are now 13 students studying in Morocco and another 14 students pursuing their medical degree at the Escuela Latinoamericana De Medicina University as offered by the Government of Cuba. Furthermore, Mr Chand said five students were sponsored under the Fiji Government Overseas Scholarship Programme this year to study in China while 24 of our students are studying in various parts of China under Chinese Government Scholarships.

Press Release


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