LTA And Stakeholders To Implement Short-term Remedies For Traffic Congestion


Caption: Mr. Faiyum Ali, General Manager Technical and Operation, Land Transport Authority.Photo:SUPPLIED.

The Land Transport Authority in partnership with its stakeholders will implement eight short term remediesbeginningnext month to minimise traffic congestion; overloading of buses during peak hours; and pushing and shoving at mini bus stands, between Suva to Nausori Corridor.

Transport experts from LTA,Ministry of Transport, Fiji Roads Authority, Fiji Police andMunicipal Councilsidentified the solutions during a Mini Symposium that was held at LTA Valelevu on Wednesday.
The short term remedies include:

1.Enforcement and Traffic Control at bus stops during peak hours and reduce traffic congestion in front of schools that are located in Nasinu

2. MakeVatuwaqa bridge a one way bridge in the morning during peak hours.

3. Identify areas of reversible lanes

4. Identify illegal operators and take them off the road

5. No Road Works and Enforcement during morning peak hours

6. Immediate Enforcement of Illegal Stopping of vehicles along bus stops.

7. Direct private vehicles through Omkar Road and out of Mobile Police Station in 8 Miles Nasinu to resolve traffic congestion at Makoi Traffic Lights and bus stops excluding Public Service Vehicles (PSV)

8. Encourage people to travel by Public Transport

The stakeholders will meet again shortly to review some of the immediate resolutions.



Land Transport Authoriy

Chief Executive Officer

Naisa Tuinaceva.

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