LTA – Give Way To Emergency Vehicles


The Land Transport Authority would like to remind motorists that it is vital to give way safely when an emergency vehicle approaches as every second counts when emergency vehicles are called out to an incident. An emergency vehicle is a vehicle with sirens and flashing and/or rotating red lights. The most common emergency vehicles in Fiji are ambulance, fire and police vehicles.

The Authority is concerned that some drivers stop in the wrong place and others don’t give way to emergency vehicles at all, which is unlawful and can have devastating effects like loss of life and property.

The Land Transport (Traffic) Regulations 2000, Division 2 (12) on giving way to emergency vehicles clearly stipulates that:

When approaching or being passed by an ambulance, police vehicle or fire engine which is sounding or displaying emergency signals, the driver or a motor vehicle must cause his or her vehicle to be brought to a standstill in accordance with regulation 18 or otherwise give way to the emergency vehicle.

Moreover, the Land Transport (Traffic) Regulations 2000, Division 4 (18) on stopping and parking clearly stipulates that:

(1). The driver of a vehicle must, when bringing the vehicle to a standstill –
(a). in the case of a two-way street or dual carriage-ways – keep to the left side of the carriage-way; or
(b). in the case of a one-way street – keep to the left side or right side of the carriage-way, and

Here is what you should do when you encounter an emergency vehicle when driving:

1. Upon noticing an incoming emergency vehicle (coming from any direction) with sirens or flashing lights operating, to either slow down or move over until the vehicle has passed the vicinity.

2. If you cannot move left safely you should slow down or stop and let the emergency vehicle overtake you.

3. Do not slam on your brakes or stop abruptly blocking the road or a junction. Use your vehicles indicators to let other drivers and the emergency vehicle driver know your intent to pull over.
4. Do not follow an authorized emergency vehicle responding to a call or alarm closer than two car lengths.

5. Wait for the emergency vehicle to pass and watch for more than one emergency vehicle. Check to make sure the way is clear and signal before merging back into traffic.
6. Do not speed up or try to outrun the vehicle as this is dangerous.

Failure to comply with this rule is an offence and the offenders will be penalised. This offence carries a maximum penalty of $500/3 months imprisonment and 1 demerit point.

Members of the public are urged to report drivers who fail to comply with the law:
LTA Complaints Centre:
Toll Free Number: 0800 3342 886
Mobile Short Code: 5298


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