In light of the many issues that were raised during the Public Consultations regarding the Land Transportation Industry, a report was compiled with recommendation for implementation by the Minister for Transport.

It was also recommended that a Review Committee be appointed to review the areas as recommended in the report to improve the Land Transport industry as a whole.

The following are the members of the LTA Review Committee.

1. Mohammed Saneem – [CHAIRMAN]

Supervisor of Election

2. Nilesh Prasad – Member


3. Rory Garland – Member

Strategic Planning &

Performance manager (FRA)

4. Vinit Vishal Lal – Member

Senior Transport Planning

Officer (MoI&T)

Furthermore the Review Committee to provide the Minister with a thorough report in line with relevant international best practices to enable Government to implement effective and Transport Administration of the Land Transport Industry.

Hon. Parveen Kumar Bala
Minister for Infrastructure & Transport


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