Lutumailagi takes new steps in recovery

Caption: Joeli Lutumailagi and Sionasa Vunisa at training for Narbonne. Photo: Courtesy of Joeli Lutumailagi.


Joeli Lutumailagi is taking new steps in training for his Narbonne club in France after recovery.

The former 7s rep said he is well recovering and has been training in different fields of sports in order to get better in his performance.

“I am currently learning judo and boxing so that I can improve my tackles, which I really need to improve on,” he said.

Lutumailagi also confirmed that when they do training out in the field, he hasn’t been reaching the full contact training percentage.

“Whenever we go and train out in the grounds my contact training as in tackling is at fifty percent, and I have to improve to get it up to hundred percent,” he said.

Lutumailagi aims to play in March.

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