Making a difference


Caption: The portable nursery received by farmers in Ba. Photo: SUPPLIED.

The Western Charity Alliance in conjunction with Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation has contributed again towards the rural farming community through their Nursery Project.

The Project started in Ba where local farmers have gained by receiving portable nursery of their own to nurture their plants during this humid weather conditions and to propagate seedlings for local farming community.

This project is not only for farmers but also for vulnerable and destitutes in the rural community to sustain their livelihoods.

A 57-year-old farmer Krishna Naidu from Veisaru, Ba was overwhelmed to receive the nursery and 15 types of vegetable seeds from Vodafone to start up a new livelihood.

He could not stop thanking Vodafone for its continuous support to the people of Fiji, especially to those poor and needy in the community who are vulnerable in many ways.

He added the seeds and the nursery supplied to him will change things to his life and his families as he is unable to get in to employment due to his unstable health condition.

Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation’s Project Officer and Western Charity Alliance executive director Mr Jitendra Naidu elaborated they will not stop here, instead this will be seen throughout the western division as their main objective is to sustain peoples livelihoods through healthy living and eating fresh foods from their backyard.

Vodafone’s World of Difference (WOD) program is for its people and they would go to extreme heights to make a difference in people’s lives.

Mr Naidu said early next year they will be partnering with Ministry of Youth and Sports and Ministry of Agriculture which will boost assistance to its people in local community.

“Our youths are the change agent and can bring in a greater change towards development and change to our environment. The mentality of youths needs to be changed and they need to be involve in farming vigorously, especially backyard gardening to sustain our livelihoods not only by planting and eating fresh chemical free vegetables from our backyard but also to contribute towards increasing NCD problems, which is a major concern in our country at the moment. By doing a backyard garden people will also save money and will indirectly boost the economy for a better and brighter future. (killing 3 birds with 1 stone),” he said.

Mr Naidu added year 2015 will change many people’s livelihoods and eating style which will have a direct effect the NCD issues and unemployment issues in our country.



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