On 11th April, McDonald’s restaurants in Fiji will begin their month long build up to their inaugural McHappy Day event which is to be held on May 11th.

McHappy Day is an annual event for McDonald’s restaurants worldwide whereby a percentage of that day’s sales go towards charity. On this day, McDonald’s Fiji will be organising fun activities in each of their restaurants as well as have some local celebrities work behind the counter in support of the McHappy Day program.

McDonald’s Fiji fundraising efforts include the sale of $1 McHappy Day Smiles from April 11th – May 11th and the donation of $1 from every McValue Meal sold on McHappy Day.

The proceeds from the fundraising will go directly towards Fiji Kid’s! Learning for Life – A charitable organisation based out of Sigatoka whose focus is on connecting less fortunate families with sponsors who provide the funds to ensure their children are able to attend school.


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