The Ministry of Information, National Archives and Library Services of Fiji will be able to share knowledge and information on the process and preparation of the Ministry’s products as part of Public Service Day.

The Library Services of Fiji in Veiuto will be having a joint display with the National Archives of Fiji while the Information Ministry’s display will be available at its headquarters on ground floor of Government Building, New Wing in Suva tomorrow (June 25).

Permanent secretary Ms Sharon Smith-Johns has encouraged members of the public to visit the Ministry’s display and find how the Ministry’s products such as the video documentary ‘Nations Business’, newspaper ‘Fiji Focus’ and the Government online portal, www.fiji.gov.fj <http://www.fiji.gov.fj>are prepared.

Ms Smith-Johns said all senior management from the different departments in the Ministry would be serving members of the public tomorrow to ensure people get firsthand information about Government’s media department.

The Ministry will be showcasing government video documentaries and distributing newspapers as well as make available rare and historical photos and books for reading.

The Library Services of Fiji has also organized fun activities such drawing competitions for children.


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