Minister for Women, Social Welfare and Poverty Alleviation Rosy Akbar has commended her staff for their efforts in achieving ministry targets and overall raising the profile of the ministry through improved service delivery.

Minister Akbar told her senior staff during an executive meeting that improved performance will ultimately ensure that they fulfil the vision of the ministry.

“That is to empower and work towards looking after the welfare of the poorest of the poor, senior citizens and our disabled members in a much better way,” Minister Akbar said.

“We will work together to ensure that the officers are provided with the necessary resources so that they overcome the barriers and continue with efficient service delivery.”

“Punctuality, professionalism, positive attitude, timeliness, being empathetic, care and compassion are the core values of our ministry that enable us to operate efficiently.”

Director Social Welfare, Mr Rupeni Fatiaki urged the officers to work together as a team to address challenges and internal issues.

“We come from different backgrounds and experiences but when we come together our objectives and programs for the ministry become one,” Fatiaki said.

Press Release

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