Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Hon. Parveen Kumar and participants at the opening of the 23rd Seminar for Port State Control Officers in the Asia – Pacific Region in Nadi.Photo: SUPPLIED.



There is a need for closer cooperation and harmonization on port State control issues throughout the region to curb transnational crimes.


These were the comments by the Minister for Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Hon. Parveen Kumar while opening the 23rd Seminar for Port State Control Officers in the Asia – Pacific Region this morning in Nadi.

“The Asia – Pacific region is a major route for trade between countries but it also faces similar challenges due to the limited resources, thus there is a need for closer cooperation among the countries of the region,” Minister Kumar said.

“This week – long workshop will provide the platform for our countries to share knowledge and experiences, and more importantly construct common objectives to achieve port State control measures.”

The Seminar has been organised by the Tokyo MOU, the International Maritime Organisation and the Fijian Government and has been attended by over 13 countries from the Asia – Pacific region including China, Hong Kong, Thailand, Indonesia, Russia, Tonga, Vietnam, Vanuatu, New Zealand, Philippines, Marshall Islands, Malaysia and Papua New Guinea among others.

Minister Kumar added that the seminar is an opportunity for smaller Pacific States to work closely with major regional hubs such as Singapore and Hong Kong in improving the standards of the Ports.

“With the advancement of new modern technologies, this kind of international gathering is an ideal opportunity to seek best practices to address our challenges so that our countries are able to effectively discharge their international obligations such as port state control in the region,” Hon. Kumar added.

“We a collectively population of over 10 million, the Asia – Pacific region can only be stronger when we work together in a more unified way.”

Acting chief executive officer of the Maritime Safety Authority of Fiji (MSAF) John Tunidau says the forum would benefit not only Fiji but other Pacific Small Island Developing States.

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