“Fiji has talents that are yet to be discovered and it must be revealed with the right teachings”.

These were the words of the Hon. Minister for Youth and Sports Laisenia Tuitubou while addressing rugby and netball players of Taveuni in Welagi Village recently.

Minister Tuitubou said that government had noticed the great abundant skills and talent of youths in Fiji.

“Fiji has talents and they are yet to be touched and everyone must know that sports is important,” Minister Tuitubou said.

Minister Tuitubou said he carried a message that the Fiji Sevens coach Ben Ryan shared with him.

“When I had a conversation with Ben Ryan he said every coaches dream in the world is to coach the Fiji Sevens side, he said money is nothing because what we have is skills and talent,” Minister Tuitubou said.

“With the Sevens side we need to change something, and Ben told me it is attitude, mentality and communication,” Minister Tuitubou said.

He emphasised the need for all Fijian sportsmen and women to adapt and to accept change especially in their attitudinal and mental approach.

“Every player must know his or her purpose and that is the same for every youth group when they take part in sports, you must know your purpose,” Minister Tuitubou said.

Minister Tuitubou said that he held sports at heart and that he would always provide his support towards representative sporting teams to international tournaments.
Press Release

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