The Minister for Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation, Hon. Rosy Akbar visited Kadavu settlement in Tavua this week to look at how the Fijian Government can assist the families, in particular the women and children, that live there.

The Minister’s visit follows a request by the women living in Kadavu settlement who requested to speak to the Minister on some of the challenges they faced. It was also an opportunity for the Minister to speak to them on the various programmes implemented by Government to empower and motivate Fijian women especially those living in rural communities and have no source of income.

During her talks with the women of the community, the Minister explained the various programs that can generate income for women and women groups. She pointed out that income-generating projects can empower women to create a livelihood for themselves, for their families and for their community. She added that while Government will provide financial assistance to start projects, the real test of determination will be on the women who are expected to manage and sustain these income-generating projects.

“The Ministry’s assistance will be in line with its commitment to improve the accessibility of basic services for rural women. Women play an important role in looking after their families and thus their safety and wellbeing is paramount.

“Upon discussions with the women, they will be assisted through the Ministry’s livelihood programs. Two projects we are looking to assist them through are bee keeping and poultry. The women will have access to skills-training and provided with all the tools they need to start these projects. The Ministry will further look at ways to help them through a water tank project. Once they are assisted through the livelihood projects, the women will be able to contribute towards the development of their community,” Minister Akbar said.

Mr Lebani Uliviti, spokesman for Kadavu settlement, thanked the Minister for visiting the settlement and to listening to some of the challenges they faced. He also thanked the Minister for giving the women in Kadavu settlement the opportunity to realise their potential.

“Through the new projects, our women will also be able to contribute towards the welfare of their families. We are also looking at establishing a development committee here that will work closely with the Government to bring about the needed programs to improve the standard of living in this settlement,” Mr Uliviti said.

The Minister was accompanied by her permanent secretary Dr Josefa Koroivueta.


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