The week-long Northern Crime Prevention Carnival has raised the profile of the community partnership with the Fiji Police Force.

This was highlighted over the weekend by the Minister for Local Government, Housing, Environment, Infrastructure and Transport Hon. Parveen Kumar while closing the carnival in the Northern Division.

“The friendly North should be a crime-free North and we must know that it is only through the police and the partnership of the people that we can prevent crime,” Minister Kumar said.

Minister Kumar urged parents and children to take a pledge in ensuring that all males in families are instructed and taught both by words and deeds to respect women at all times.

“We all have a part to play in preventing crime and it should begin at home.”

Minister Kumar said community based crime prevention programs includes those that operate within the community to work with government to address issues contributing to crime.

“Everyone must be encouraged to play a role to identify problems and finding solutions to problems in your own communities,” Minister Kumar said.

He said for this reason such carnivals deserves support from every Fijian as government continues to increase budget each year in-order to address crime.

“We have invested heavily this year to have the technology to help the police force solve crimes, coordinate their efforts, fight international crime and keep people safe.”

He said government effort must be taken to another level but will only move forward through the support of the people.

Meanwhile, the carnival saw the participation of eight queens, six kings, three turagas, four teens and five princesses and more than $96,000 was raised at the event.

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