Caption: Hon. Minister for Education Dr Mahendra Reddy with CMF Secondary School principal Mr Maikali Benaca (left) inside the new Year 9 classroom.Photo:SUPPLIED.

More than 90 pioneer students of the new Christian Mission Fellowship (CMF) Secondary School in Newtown, Nasinu were today urged to utilise the facilities well and pursue their dreams for a better future.

Jubilant pioneer Year 9 students of Christian Mission Fellowship Secondary School

Jubilant pioneer Year 9 students of Christian Mission Fellowship Secondary School

Speaking at the official opening of the school, Hon. Minister for Education, Heritage and Arts, Dr Mahendra Reddy called on the students to work hard and contribute positively to the community that sacrificed to provide a pathway of learning for them.

Dr Reddy said his ministry is working towards strengthening entrepreneurial skills in the education system to groom job seekers as well as job givers who will contribute towards Fiji’s economic prosperity.

“I have a vision to develop an education system that not only unlocks the potential of students but develops their potentials to their full capacity. This is all part of our pursuit for an education system that is responsive to students’ needs and aspirations as well as meeting the demand in the labour market,” Dr Reddy said.

The minister also urged the pioneer teachers of CMF Secondary School to create the right environment, the right attitude and a positive mindset for the 95 students.

Dr Reddy said reforms will be implemented in the education system this year to aid teachers with the relevant resources.

“Teachers workload from this year will be reduced by 60 per cent to allow them to focus on their core business of teaching. All the admin work that previously occupied them will now be given to an appointed admin officer who will be working full time in the school,” Dr Reddy said.

The mother of Year 9 student Malia Lala, Mrs Mereoni Kirikirikula said she is excited for the pioneer students because they will develop intellectually and spiritually at the new school.

“I am glad my daughter is attending a school closer to home. This is a happy day for our children and for us parents as well. I want my daughter to concentrate on her school work,” Mrs Kirikirikula said.

Taione Soqoiwasa said he is happy to be one of the pioneer students.

“We have been encouraged by our teachers and parents to focus on our school work. We want to make our school proud,” Taione said.

CMF Secondary School, run by the Christian Mission Fellowship Church in Fiji, was provided a funding of $160,000 by the Education Ministry to build the first three classrooms.





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