Caption: Ambassador Bole Observing the Class three students of Tamavua Primary with the head teacher.


The Minister for Education Filipe Bole toured three primary school in the Suva Education District todayto look at how  the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) program is benefiting students.

The OLPC program is a ready-made resource for primary education and is capable of adjustment to suit local conditions. The project was implemented to bridge the digital divide at the primary school level and is spearheaded by the Ministry of Education.

Earlier this year Ambassador Bole had launched the OLPC programme in three primary schools; Navesi, Nabua and Draiba. To date, eighteen primary schools have implemented this new initiative by the ministry.

“We are committed to Pillar 9 of the people’s charter to build a knowledge based society. Our students need to be computer literate to enhance their learning as we are living in an ICT age,” said the Minister.

The Fijian government in its commitment to the OLPC in primary schools had approved $1.3m dollars to finance the project.

The Minister will open the Kalabu Primary and Veiuto Primary school computer laboratories  tomorrow.

A total of thirty schools have been earmarked to take on the OLPC program this year.


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