The Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation has partnered with the Lami Town Council to build a modern facility in Lami which will incorporate a new park for senior citizens.

This follows a meeting held this week between the Minister Hon. Rosy Akbar and Lami Town Council Special Administrator Mr Jasper Singh at the Ministry’s headquarters in Suva.

Mr Singh said the facility will be built following the extension of Tikaram Park which is currently located in Lami.

“The Council has received positive support from its stakeholders into developing this park which will have a modern look, yet it will maintain the traditional Fijian architecture designs as well. The facilities in the park will be very user friendly to senior citizens and disabled persons.

“It will house the recreational facilities, like an outdoor cinema. Some of the other key facilities available at the senior citizens park will include a barbecue area, water fountains, swimming pool, walkways, public convenience, changing room, swimming pool, benches, car parks, solar street lights, with the possibility of having free wi-fi internet access in the park,” Mr Singh said.

He said the construction work is expected to start in August this year.

“The Council is looking forward to the partnership with various stakeholders, to get a local concept for this park. There are plans to have a lookout bay overseeing the views of Suva City. The plan is to have the new park ready by Christmas this year,” Mr Singh explained.

Minister Akbar acknowledged the Lami Town Council for coming up with this plan to develop such a unique facility for the senior citizens.

“This is a wonderful project and it complements the Ministry’s vision in creating an inclusive and enabling society for senior citizens in Fiji. As part of our partnership, the Ministry will liaise with its existing stakeholders to look at ways it can contribute towards supporting this initiative.

“The National Council for Older Persons also looks forward to increased partnership with the town councils and the Ministry of Local Government to develop similar facilities to meet the aspirations of senior citizens in Fiji,” Minister Akbar said.

The National Council for Older Persons (NCOP) was established in July last year and is an umbrella body that incorporates the services of all the Non-Government Organisations, Faith Based Organisations working for the empowerment of senior citizens in Fiji.



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