CAPTION: Minister for Health Dr Neil Sharma. Photo: FILE.

Government through the Ministry of Health this week signed a Memorandum of Agreement with the Kidney Foundation of Fiji which will assist patients needing dialysis treatment.

The dialysis stage for kidney patients is where they await the next step of Kidney Failure Management which is Renal Transplant. However there are certain criteria that need to be met before approval is granted for dialysis treatment at the Kidney Foundations of Fiji.

“The Ministry will assist with the Provision of Dialysis at the KFOF for a 3 month period. The estimated cost for the 3 months period will be $7,200.00 per patient. The cost will be fully met by the Ministry giving sufficient time for patients and relatives to seek other funding sources for Transplants which is only done overseas. We hope that with the development of Renal Medicine and partnerships with the Sahyadri Group of Hospitals in India, Renal Transplant can also be done locally”, Health Minister Doctor Neil Sharma said.

“Provisions have also been made for patients with Acute Renal Failure who may have reversible kidney functions. Patients therefore are advised to consult their Specialist Doctors in seeking assistance for Dialysis”, the Health Minister said.

“This agreement is for one year and $160,000 is the budget plan. It also now allows patients to choose, once they are diagnosed, whether they want the treatment or not, so it gives them the capacity for three months of full treatment,” Dr Sharma said.

Kidney Foundation president Dewan Maharaj conveyed the foundation’s appreciation for the new development which will now allow patients to receive joint help.

“The Ministry and the Kidney Foundation have been working on the agreement for years, but now we can work together to help patients,” Mr Maharaj said.


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