Ministry meets with Navua youth


The Youth of Navua and surrounding communities of Nakaulevu were urged this week to full realize their place and their potential in the country.

While speaking to members of Navua and Nakaulevu Sanatan Youth, Waidradra Youth Club, Veiwawa Youth Club, Pacific Harbour Urban Community Youth and surrounding communities, the Ministry of Youth and Sports permanent secretary Mr Joseva Sania stressed the important role of Fijian youth in any community.

“Youths have two things during their time as young people; one is that they have energy and this energy will fade away as you grow up so you should make full use of it during your young age and another thing that youth possess is that you are creative. You can do a lot of things but as in most cases today they are left to be idle in the community,” said Mr Sania.

“Youths are the cornerstone of our lives and as young people, you have to remain positive and if you do not channel this energy well, you will miss out on most things,” Mr Sania emphasized.

During the discussions, Mr Sania also reiterated the importance of remaining positive as young people and that it would eventually lead to their growth.

“This is something that we are emphasising when we go out to talk to the youth clubs, as young people you need to be positive, we know that most of the problems we have dealt with are mostly unemployment but we have seen youth groups that have grown immensely with the little assistance that we have provided to them.

Mr Sania informed them of the inclusive stance taken by government in its efforts to develop the country, especially young Fijians.

“Government is trying to reach out, especially to the rural and outer islands – the unreached; and to reach out also to the minority.”

“We are here as Government representatives to listen to you and to hear from you the issues that you have and also to assess us on our performance,” said the permanent secretary.

“I would like to stress that government is not only going out to rural iTaukei communities, we are also going out other ethnic groups because that is one of the policies of government to try and reach out to other ethnic groups and to also encourage females to participate in decision making and also youth development.

Navua Sanatan Youth committee member Vimal Naidu thanked the ministerial delegation for holding the consultation with youths of their community.

“I would like to express my heartfelt thanks and sincere gratitude to the Ministry of Youth and Sports for the initiative that they have undertaken as part of the Government’s policy to reach out to the rural communities,” said Mr Naidu.

“This visit augurs well for the development of youth and sports and it is also a good sign to see that young people who are interested in youth activities are attending this forum to find out how they can be assisted and how they can work with Government through the Ministry of Youth and Sports,” he added.

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