Ministry of Youth and Sports permanent secretary Mr Josefa Sania meets students of Wainiyavu Primary School.

The Ministry of Youth and Sports ended a week-long Seeds of Success training (SOS) for the young people of Wainiyavu village in the interior of Namosi last week.

The Ministry’s permanent secretary Josefa Sania was at Wainiyavu village to officially close the training and present certificates to the trainees. In his closing statements, Mr Sania told the youths; “I sincerely hope that whatever you’ve learnt this week will bear results in the future.”

“We believe that anything is possible with the right attitude and direction and the training is aimed at empowering you to achieve better things to improve your livelihoods”.

“Whatever you strive to do, always start small and work hard for it to grow big. Our downfall is that we always start big, which later grew smaller or failed miserably,” PS Sania added.

The training was conducted by SOS trainer Jone Tamani and Youth Officer Devina Devi form Monday 3rd to Friday 7th February.

“A total of 31 participants attended the training which includes few village elders,” said YO Devi. “This is the first training for young people to be conducted in this village. The request came last year from the village elders while we on our way to conduct the same training at Wainilotulevu village.”

“This is part of our efforts to reach out to those in the rural areas and empower them so they can improve their livelihood and contribute effectively in the community,” YO Devi said.

SOS training participant Mereani Mariarosa said; “I was fortunate to be part of the training and it has opened up new horizons for me. I have learnt to better understand myself and realise my purpose in life. It has really boosted my confidence that I can become and play an important role in society.”

Another participant AtoniaTanaburenisau echoed similar sentiments and added that the training has boosted his confidence as a rural youth.

“We have an abundance of resources that can be utilised to improve our livelihood as a community,” said Tanaburenisau. “The challenge is for me to keep reminding myself that I can achieve greater things and be confident that I can achieve them.”

Methodist church lay-preacher Walelevu Bati also was full of appreciation for the training and said that “this was the first training to be brought by Government to the village”.

PS Sania assured the youth in Wainiyavu that more training will follow the SOS Training and they can expect more support from the ministry in the future.

The Wainiyavu youth were also presented with sporting equipment and 20 chicks as meat birds so they can begin a poultry business.


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