Mobilize Communities in Fiji to bring about Social Change

The Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation ran a campaign in the West and the North and Central Eastern for prospective candidates for their World of Difference program.  Running in 21 other countries, ʻWorld of Differenceʼ programme allows you to donate yourself to your chosen charity and get paid for your time.

World of Difference is Vodafone’s unique corporate giving initiative which mobilises people to take time out and work for a charity of their choice. The programme is designed to take corporate giving beyond the traditional “cheque book charity” space and to tap into the energy, skills and difference which people can make and utilise mobile to make it happen.

Designed to appeal to those who wish to take a paid career break and use their skills and experience in the NGO sector, the programme is also popular with social entrepreneurs, supporting many in developing organisations whose primary focus is to deliver social change.

Foundation Executive, Ambalika Devi, has a strong interest in the charity sector and is keen to find people who they believe can make the most difference. The Foundation is now calling for entries before the closing date of 29th March.

From working in education, women issues, health and wellness for people with learning difficulties ; to providing much needed support for families with disabilities; to implementing global issues workshops in schools nationwide; to working with mental illness survivors. These are the inspiring directions that last year’s winners’ lives took, as they spent a year away from the “day job” and answered their true calling. For those that have always had the yearning to lend their talents to charity but haven’t had the time or the financial support, the World of Difference can really open up new opportunities.

“This is the fourth World of Difference programme and each year the standard of applicants has gone from strength to strength so we are very excited to see this year’s entries. On behalf of the Foundation, I am honoured to be able to empower people to make a positive change in their own lives by enabling them to help others. Our charity partners also benefit greatly from the additional support of a committed, passionate and highly qualified employee, which is a huge advantage during these difficult economic times,” said Ms Devi

In 2012, The Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation Board of Trustees endorsed the selection of 9 Vodafone World of Difference candidates to work for Charity Organizations’, Cause and communities that they are passionate about.

All projects are linked to “mobilizing communities and mobilizing social change” .

“We, at the Foundation, envisage preparing everyone to empower people to make a world of difference, satisfy aspirations for self development , partnering positive social change,   thinking big, reaching larger number of people, Increasing efficiency and value for resources, releasing the creativity and the potential of our people,  Initiating activities that engage young people at a deeper level to channel their energies into activities that build lasting relationship and understandings,  being innovative, creative and doing things differently that uses mobile technology – Mobile for Good Programme to develop ‘community solutions’ for multiplier impacts and continue to advocate for activities that one is passionate about”

What is Mobile for Good?

Mobile for Good is a path breaking programme that uses mobile phones to help people improve lives and livelihoods

What is Mobile Phone Based Community Solutions?

Mobile Phones hold a promise of becoming the planets first ubiquitous communication platform – and people living in vunerable communities making use of innovative mobile phone applications to solve societal critical problems said ‘Ms Devi’. She said that this is a micro application that brings positive social changes, providing access to information and services that may otherwise may not be possible to larger population at any one time.

“The Vodafone World of Difference also aims to identify root causes of the problems and take proactive approach to addressing and preventing community issues,” said Ms Devi

The Vodafone ATH Fiji Foundation was formed with an aim to bestow and foster philanthropy giving through ground breaking programmes. At the heart of our foundation is the belief that mobile communication technology can address Fiji’s most pressing humanitarian challenges and our responsibility is to utilize our people and technology to multiply impacts in turn mobilize social change and improve people’s lives. The programme focus areas include;

1)      Vodafone World of Difference

2)      Vodafone mEducation

3)      Vodafone mWomen

4)      Vodafone mHealth, specific channels like mCancer, mDisability, mDiabetes etc

5)      Vodafone Red Alert

6)      Vodafone Sustainable Funding

The WoD is a global flagship programme with local roots aims to increase appreciation of creative ideas and achievements. So far total of 69 candidates have made difference in their community working for and with over 50 charity organisations. Success stories are embed in the projects that has been undertaken.

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