Caption: Members of the Under 17 soccer team attending the funeral of the late soccer rep Muni Shalit Reddy.Photo:SUPPLIED.

The late Under 17 soccer rep Muni Shalit Reddy  was recognized  on Monday February 2 ,as a national sportsman and hero even though his soccer career was short lived.

Hon. Assistant Minister for Youth and Sports Iliesa Delana while speaking at the funeral on over the weekend said; “Muni has served his school well and even served his country best.”

“He passed on a true Fijian at heart and was a brave sportsmen and hero. The goal he scored for Fiji a few days ago is worth national recognition, thus my presence here today to farewell a national sportsman,” said Hon Delana.

The Hon Assistant Minister added that it was indeed sad and a loss when someone so young, talented and energetic as Muni Shalit Reddy passed away.

“Muni had a bright future ahead of him and his parents were just as anxious to witness Muni excels in his soccer career,” said Hon. Delana.

Hon Delana acknowledged the huge gathering at Muni’s funeral from all walks of life and said that they had “gathered to mourn the loss of someone so dear, talented and special.”

“Though nothing we can do to bring back a life so vibrant as Muni – I hope we will learn from his dedication and abilities and try to emulate him as we carry on life without him,” said the assistant minister.

Fellow Under 17 teammate Shavneel Deo said; “Muni will be sorely missed as he was someone who never runs short of jokes.”

“The team really misses him and we are still to come to term with his passing away,” said Shavneel.

“He was a good player and friend and we really miss him and all team members are here to pay their last respect and farewell our good mate,” said the Lautoka lad.

More than 200 people gathered at the Reddy’s residence in Malolo, Nadi to pay their last respects and farewell the late Under 17 national soccer rep including students and teachers from his school Nadi Muslim, Under 17 soccer team members, Fiji Football Association executives, relatives and member of the public.



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