Murder Convict in “Lateef – The King of Crime”, a feature film base on Gujarat Mafia

Mohd.figther in film .“Lateef – The King of Crime

Mumbai.Film based on the Gujarat mafia of 80s “Lateef – The King of Crime” is ready for June release. Kewal Krishna produced and Sharique Minhaj directed this crime thriller has an actor nicknamed “Fighter” with direct connection with Crime world. Fighter is serving life sentence in Sabarmati Jail for Murder.

Mohammed Fighter loves acting runs theatre in Jail. Director Sharique Minhaj had heard about him and thought to rope him in for his film. Fighter was initially hesitant but Sharique Minhaj kept him persuading for more than 2 months.  At last Fighter gave in to the Director’s persuasions.  He loved the way script depicted nexus between underworld, politicians and Police.

Then, the shooting of the film was scheduled to coincide with Fighter’s release on parole when he was to come out to attend his sister’s marriage.  Producer Kewal Krishna and Director Minhaj were more than happy when they saw Figther performing like a thorough professional and most of his shots being Okayed in the very first take.

Kewal Krishna says, “Fighter’s performance is on par with a professional actor. Fighter was very happy to see that film, despite its entertainment embellishments, is very true to real life. “


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