My Fans Loves me that is my reward says Rajan Verma and Veena Malik

CAPTION: Veena and Rajan. Photo: SUPPLIED.

Fans and audience are the major factor of stardom. They are the one of most important part of actors who makes them stars. Bollywood sexy siren Veena Malik with her co star Rajan Verma is travelling to all cities of India to promote their movie “Ziindagi 50-50”.  She was seen flaunting herself in Indian traditional wear with Bindi in Indore with Rajan Verma.

Veena Malik has a huge fan following across the world. She was seen facing a huge crowd during the promotions of film as crowd goes crazy to get a glimpse of Malik and Rajan in spite of heavy and tight security.

Veena Malik said, “Wherever I go my fan’s surrounds me as their love and craziness is my award. I don’t have any problem of being called a bold actress.”

Rajan Verma who is playing a character of Birju an auto rickshaw puller who ferries Madhuri (Veena Malik) on her night time visits to clients, to earn extra money. He said, “Veena Malik is a very professional actor she is so energetic on sets. I have spent some good time with her during the shooting. She looks very pretty and beautiful in Indian wear with Bindi. She is really a kind human being and a wonderful actress and we had lot of fun on the sets.”

Veena Malik and Rajan Verma definitely know how to win the love and respect of their fans. The movie is stated to release on 24th May.


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