Nadi and Sigatoka shine in cricket at special games

Bhavishal takes a shot at the stumps and is aided by development officer Ruci Kaiwai. Photo: SUPPLIED.  For more pictures, click here:-

Nadi Special School and Sigatoka Special School took top honours at the West Coast Special Schools competition held at Churchill Park, Lautoka, being crowned the overall winners of a modified version of the game of cricket called Wicket Down.

The schools won the 5E and 6D levels respectively, with 3 schools delegated to each level.

West Coast Special Schools vice-president and Nadi Special School coach Sanjean Sharma said more students have been interested in the sport.

“This game cricket is really interesting for them. A lot of the children are not involved in major games like netball and soccer, so this modification of it allows them to be able to take it as a fun game,” Sharma said.

He added that the West Coast Committee for the different versions of the sport, taking into account the limitations some students might have to play cricket proper.

“This is the second year we have included cricket in the west coast competition and it is really motivating the students to play the sport,” he said.

Nine year old Bhavishal Raj of Ba Special School said he has “always been excited about playing cricket” because it gives him a sense of inclusivity.

Raj is a paraplegic and lives in Yalalevu, Ba who despite his inability to use the lower half of his body is determined to enjoy whatever sport he wishes to play.

“I like playing cricket, both at school and at home. I am also a big fan of the India Cricket team – they are really good,” he said.


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