Club games resume this weekend at 09.30am. Nadi Squad training starts at 3pm after club games. 

Duty Teams: Neighbors. 

Men’s Super-Premier 22.02.2014                                    

G1Lighthouse 1- Votualevu White G2Nomads-Malolo G3Northern Stars – Waqadra Reds G4Neigbhors-Taiperia G5Martintar- Blues Lightning Rock 3 G6Votualevu Bluez -Votualevu White G7Northern Stars- Malolo

G8Lighthouse 1- Waqadra Reds G9Nomads-Neigbhors G10Martintar-Taiperia G11Malolo-Blues Lightning Rock 3 G12Northern Stars-Votualevu Bluez G13Waqadra Reds-Votualevu White G14Neigbhors-Taiperia         

G15Martintar-Votualevu Bluez      G16Blues Lightning Rock 3-Malolo G17 Challenge Match & Double Header Lighthouse 1-Nomads

Men’s Premier 22.02.2014          

G1Sideout-Black Soil G2Neighbors 2-Mataniwai 1 G3Lightning Rock 2-Lightning Rock 1 G4Mataniwai 2-Ravoravo G5Lighthouse 2-Small X G6Natalau-Black Soil G7Mataniwai 1-Sideout G8Neighbors 2-Lightning Rock 1

G9Mataniwai 2-Lightning Rock 2 G10Ravoravo-Black Soil G11Sideout-Natalau G12Small X-Mataniwai 1 G13Mataniwai 2-Lightning Rock 1 G14Lightning Rock 2-Neighbors 2 G15Ravoravo-Lighthouse 2 G16Small X-Natalau

G17Lighthouse 2-Black Soil

Women’s Super-Premier 22.02.2014           

G1Northern Stars-Malolo 2 G2Sakura-Neighbors G3Lightning Rock-Lanai Gold G4Mataniwai-Conquerors G5Northern Stars-Sakura G6Malolo 2-Neighbors G7Lanai Gold-Conquerors G8Lightning Rock-Mataniwai G9Conquerors-Malolo 2

G10Lanai Gold-Sakura G11Lightning Rock-Mataniwai G12Challenge Match & Double Header Northern Stars-Neighbors

Women’s Premier 22.02.2014               

G1Western Force-Natalau G2Lighthouse-Ravoravo G3Bonunaqele-Malolo 1 G4Taiperia-Western Force G5Natalau-Lighthouse G6Ravoravo-Bonunaqele G7Taiperia-Malolo 1 G9Western Force-Lighthouse G8Natalau-Ravoravo

G10Bonunaqele-Taiperia G11Malolo 1-Natalau

Thank you for your assistance and support for Nadi Volleyball Association.

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