ROUND three of games continue at the AFL Hardcourts in Namaka on Saturday starting at9.30am. Duty Team: Side Out

Lighthouse, Lightning Rock 2, Lightning Rock 3, SideOut, Votualevu White, SmallX, KB Waqadra Reds, Votualevu Bluez, Northern Stars
G1 Lighthouse- Lightning Rock 2
G2 SideOut- Lightning Rock 3
G3 Votualevu White- SmallX
G4 Votualevu Bluez- KB Waqadra Reds
G5 Lightning Rock 3- Northern Stars
G6 Lightning Rock 2- SideOut
G7 SmallX- Votualevu Bluez
G8 Lighthouse- Votualevu White
G9 KB Waqadra Reds- Northern Stars
G10 Lightning Rock 3- Votualevu Bluez
G11 Votualevu White- Northern Stars
G12 SmallX- SideOut
G13 Lightning Rock 2- KB Waqadra Reds
G14 Lighthouse- Lightning Rock 3
Nomads, Lightning Rock 1, Taiperia, Temptation, Neighbours, Martintar, Mataniwai 2, Mataniwai 1, Ravoravo
G1 Nomads- Lightning Rock 1
G2 Taiperia- Temptation
G3 Mataniwai 2- Martintar
G4 Mataniwai 1- Ravoravo
G5 Lightning Rock 1- Temptation
G6 Neighbours- Mataniwai 2
G7 Nomads- Mataniwai 1
G8 Taiperia- Ravoravo
G9 Neighbours- Martintar
G10 Mataniwai 1- Temptation
G11 Lightning Rock 1- Ravoravo
G12 Taiperia- Martintar
G13 Mataniwai 1-  Ravoravo
CHALLENGE MATCH: Neighbours- Nomads
WOMEN: Pool 1
Neighbours, Natalau Green, Nasoso Rock, Temptation, Conquerors, Western Force, Northern Stars.
G1 Neighbours- Natalau
G2 Nasoso Rock- Temptation
G3 Western Force- Northern Stars
G4 Temptation- Conquerors
G5 Neighbours- Western Force
G6 Nasoso Rock- Conquerors
G7 Natalau- Northern Stars
G8 Temptation- Northern Stars
G9 Conquerors- Western Force
G10 Natalau- Western Force
G11 CHALLENGE MATCH:  Neighbours- Nasoso Rock
WOMEN: Pool 2
Sakura, Lanai Gold, Taiperia, Mataniwai, Bonunaqele, Ravoravo, Lighthouse
G1 Sakura- Taiperia
G2 Ravoravo- Bonunaqele
G3 Lighthouse- Mataniwai
G4 Sakura- Bonunaqele
G5 Lighthouse- Ravoravo
G6 Sakura- Mataniwai
G7 Bonunaqele- Taiperia
G8 Taiperia- Mataniwai
G9 Lanai Gold- Taiperia
G10 Lanai Gold- Ravoravo
G11 Lanai Gold- Lighthouse
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