Below are draws for this Saturday, starting at 0930hrs. Reminder for clubs to be at the grounds on time as defaults will be awarded to absent teams. Managers, please print copies for your teams. No Teams on Bye this week.

Men Pool 1: G1 Nomads – Lightning Rock 3 G2 Waqadra Red – Malolo G3 Neighbors 1 – Martintar G4 Lighthouse 1 – Taiperia G5 Challenge Match 1 Nomads – Waqadra Reds G6 Votualevu Bluez – Votualevu White G7 Neighbors 1 –       Malolo G8 Waqadra Red – Taiperia G9 Northern Stars – Lightning Rock 3 G10 Nomads – Lighthouse 1

G11 Neighbors 1 – Votualevu White G12 Northern Stars – Martintar G13 Waqadra Reds – Votualevu Bluez G14 Taiperia – Malolo G15Lighthouse 1- Lightning Rock 3

G16 Martintar-Votualevu White G17 Votualevu Bluez- Malolo G18 Challenge Match 2 Nomads – Taiperia

Men Pool 2: (Game will be held grass court) G1Ravoravo-Natalau G2Lightning Rock 2 – SideOut G3 Lighthouse 2- Mataniwai 1 G4Small X-Lightning Rock 1

G5Neigbors 2- Black Soil G6Ravoravo –SideOut G7 Lightning Rock 2-Mataniwai 1 G8Lighthouse 2-Lightning Rock 1 G9Mataniwai 2-Natalau G10Ravoravo-Small X G11Lightning Rock 2-Black Soil G12Mataniwai 2-Sideout G13Lighthouse 2-Neighbors 2 G14Lightning Rock 1-Mataniwai 1 G15Small X-Natalau G16Sideout-Black Soil G17Neighbors 2-Mataniwai 1

Women Pool 1:  G1Lightning Rock-Conquerors G2Lanai Gold-Northern Stars G3Sakura-Conquerors G4Neighbors-Malolo 1 G5Lightning Rock-Northern Stars

G6Neighbors-Conquerors G7Sakura-Malolo 1 G8Challenge Match 1 Neighbors-Ravoravo G9Northern Stars-Conquerors G10Lightning Rock-Malolo 1 G11Neighbors-Lanai Gold G12Sakura-Bonunaqele G13Lanai Gold-Malolo 1 G14Lightning Rock-Bonunaqele G15Sakura-Northern Stars G16Neigbors-Bonunaqele G17Malolo 1-Bonunaqele

G18Lanai Gold-Bonunaqele G19Challenge Match 2 Neighbors-Northern Stars

Women Pool 2: G1Taiperia-Malolo 2 G2Mataniwai-Lighthouse G3Ravoravo-Martintar G4Western Force-Lighthouse G5Ravoravo-Taiperia G6Mataniwai-Taiperia

G7Western Force-Ravoravo G8Natalau-Malolo 2 G9Mataniwai-Martintar G10Taiperia-Lighthouse G11Western Force-Taiperia G12Mataniwai-Malolo 2

G13Natalau-Taiperia G14Western Force –Martintar G15Ravoravo-Malolo 2 G16Natalau-Lighthouse G17Taiperia-Martintar


All the best in your games.




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