NDP Consultations at Naulumatua House in Nabouwalu in Bua. Photo:SUPPLIED



People in the Northern Division can now look forward to the National Development Planning consultations which started in Naulumatua House in Nabouwalu in the Bua Province yesterday.


Speaking at the consultation forum Provincial Administrator Bua,  Inoke Tuiwainunu said the purpose of such consultations is to hear the views of the representatives from respective communities and villages.


“We want to hear their views on what they envision for Bua in the next 20 years,” Mr Tuwainunu said.


Mr Tuiwainunu said the respective communities are the right people to inform the government on the various needs and visions they have for their community’s and settlements.


Bua Assembly of God congregation representative Viliame Ratatodro said he appreciated the government’s need to hear from the voice of the people hence holding such consultations.


Mr Ratatodro said he would like to see Fiji as a loving and united Fiji in the next five to 20 years.


“As the saying goes, Fiji the way the world should be, but as we can see things going on right now in Vanua Levu, there have been a lot of social ill problems, so as a Minister of God I would like to put up a recommendation if we could exercise sharing the word of God everywhere we go,” Mr Ratatodro said.


He also added that it was important for government to consider building a secondary school in Nabouwalu.


“There is a need to have a good secondary school as Bua College and Solevu High are far from Nabouwalu and a tertiary school is needed in Nabouwalu for our children,” Mr Ratatodoro said.


He said he has lived in Nabouwalu for the past 14 years and the only development that took place in the area was the Nabouwalu jetty and things have remained the same since then.


“There’s nothing much done here whatever is in Nabouwalu is still the same as 14 years ago, parents and children have gone to Suva for better education  and employment opportunities, our children have already left.” Mr Ratatodro added.


He said government must find a way to keep their children in their birth place so that they can live closer to their parents and help in the development of Nabouwalu.


Ministry of Strategic Planning Economist Luke Koroisave said it was important for the people in the North to take participate in the consultation and have their visions and dreams heard by government.


“Previously,  Fiji’s development planning process was confined to  the headquarters whereby local communities are represented by the provincial council and commissioner’s office,” Mr Koroisave said.


Mr Koroisave said that at times concerns and issues are filtered during the process and only certain projects were being prioritized.


The National Development Planning consultation will continue in the North until the 28th of this month.

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