Negligent parent charged

A mother of two has been charged and produced at the Taveuni Magistrates in Fiji’s first case of parental negligence today.

The 26yr old mother hs been charged with two counts of manslaughter arising from negligence and duty of care of parents.

The fire incident which occurred in November last year claimed the lives of a two year-old boy and his five-year- old sister.

The accused has been bailed for the sum of $500 and will be appearing at the Labasa High Court on the 2nd of August.

As the case is before the courts parents and guardians are once again advised to take better care of their children’s safety as the Fiji Police will be pursuing charges of parental negligence with cases where children are victims.

The Criminal Investigations Department is in the process of investigating other similar cases involving children which have been ordered to explore the line of parental negligence.

This is the first case where a parent has been charged with negligence and the Fiji Police is therefore once again calling on parents and guardians to take better care of their children to avoid such situations where a parents suffering is further burdened with the possibility of charges being laid for negligence.

As we continue to stress accidents can occur at any given time which is why parental supervision is vital.

Police Media

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