The ground breaking ceremony of the JMO Agri-Exports Fiji Limited factory marks another milestone towards establishing links for Fiji’s farmers to new domestic and international export markets.

This was highlighted by the Ministry of Agriculture permanent secretary Ropate Ligairi as he officiated at this event today.

“This day will go down in the history book on the growth of the Agricultural Export Industry in Fiji. We should all rejoice and be glad in this as we now see new outlets about to be opened for a number of new products. This is the

answer to what farmers are always asking for where is the market?”

Mr Ligairi reiterated the Bainimarama Government’s stance that the agriculture sector has the biggest potential towards alleviating poverty and providing new employment opportunities for Fijians, especially those living in rural or remote communities across the country.

“To explore and taking advantage of these opportunities, our Government has introduced tax incentives to support farmers and stakeholders.”

The Permanent Secretary also highlighted the new initiative introduced by Government whereby young interested Fijians are provided with the opportunity to pursue farming as a business through the Commercial Farmers Scholarship.

“Our support to the Navuso Trainee Farmers Scheme and the Methodist Church in terms of tools and equipment and the reintroduction of the $315,000 grant to Navuso to train farmers is all part of our quest in trying to modernize agriculture and changing the mindset of the farming communities.

“All the mentioned initiatives will only be successful if we can expand and penetrate into markets which this project will bring about,” Mr Ligairi said.

New products like giant taro or via will be exported from this factory together with a wide variety of root crops and fisheries products to Australia and New Zealand markets.

“The project is undoubtedly an honourable one and is consistent with the patriotic intentions of our Government in modernizing the agricultural sector. It will encourage and facilitate farmers to increase Agricultural

production and to meet the high demands of the ever hungry overseas markets and guarantee local food security for our people, he said.



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