New ANZ stadium to open this year despite of delays


New ANZ stadium is still ready to open this year despite of some recent production problem and effects of cyclone Evan

“Our contractors and the 220 workers at the ANZ stadium have remained committed and are working to the best of their ability to achieve completion of the project by the end of April,” Fiji Sports Council Chairman Peter Mazey said.

He also said team Sports,track layers arrived from Malaysia last weekend and have already commenced laying the first layer of the special rubberised track.

“As for the main ground well I think you have all experienced what that’s going to do for our athletes, rugby and football players,” Mazey said.

JS Hill Construction are installing the stadium roof, the bus bay is going up and they are close to finishing all of the interior rooms and the upper stadium media and commentary boxes.

The Prime Minister and his Government have been our biggest backers here and what you see could not have been achieved without their support.

Mazey also mentioned that the Fiji Sports Council continues to hope that we shall be able to host the 2013 Coca Cola Games as the ANZ Stadium opening event.

“It is the athletes of Fiji that will be the biggest beneficiaries and I am sure we will see more Olympic Gold Medals thanks to the facilities being created here,” he said.

Mazey hopes that they experience no more delivery delays or face any more Cyclones.

“We have several special events planned for 2013 and will be there with Fiji Rugby Union as they celebrate 100 years of Rugby in Fiji, so everyone can look forward to a number of exciting events here at the ANZ Stadium, ”he added.

Constructions at the stadium to be completed by end of this April.


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