Minister for Local Government, Housing and Environment Hon. Parveen Kumar with Special Administrator for Suva Mr Chandu Umaria at the launch of two new garbage trucks at Samabula Depot.Photo:SUPPLIED.


The investment by the Suva City Council in two new garbage compactor trucks and a new green waste shredder machine to enhance solid waste management in the capital will go a long way in delivering effective and efficient services in the area of solid waste management.

This was highlighted by the Minister for Local Government, Housing and Environment Hon. Parveen Kumar at the official launch of the new machines today.

Minister Kumar said waste management is an expensive component of every municipal council’s budget and Suva City Council was proactive in implementing initiatives on waste minimisation through the ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ (3R) concept.

“About 18 per cent or $5 million of council’s budget is utilized on waste management. On average, 10 tons of garbage is collected daily from Suva City for disposal at the Naboro landfill,” Minister Kumar said.

He said with the bulky nature of green waste in Suva, shredding provided an efficient and effective method of reducing both the mass and volume of waste going to Naboro landfill and could be used to rehabilitate Suva City’s flower gardens.

“Managing green waste is a challenge with problems such as increased cartage and disposal costs, wet weather conditions in Suva, contamination of the environment as well as a continual depletion of available landfill space. Composting presents asustainable, long-term alternative to the more traditional forms of green waste disposal at the landfill.”

Minister Kumar also called on residents and ratepayers of Suva to keep their environment litter-free.

“There is a compelling need for change of behaviour and mindset for us to sustainably “keep Suva clean” philosophy. To this end, the city needs to mount an aggressive interactive campaign to foster the “Keep Suva Clean” campaign,” Minister Kumar said.

Suva special administrator Chandu Umaria said the council will invest in two more similar garbage compactor trucks into its fleet upgrade programme next year.

The two garbage compactor trucks and green waste shredder were bought at a cost of $705,000.

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