New Local products ready for the Market

FRIEND has launched two new products into the market. Friend’s Fiji Style® 7-Grains and Friend’s Fiji Style® Desiccated Coconut join the range of quality local jams, pickles, chutneys, teas and spices resulting from Sustainable Livelihoods Initiatives of the Foundation for Rural Integrated Enterprises & Development.

Friend’s Fiji Style® 7-Grains is made from a blend of roasted cereals and is a high protein powder suitable for all ages. It can be eaten straight as a breakfast cereal or added to smoothies. Friend’s Fiji Style® Desiccated Coconut is the only brand being produced in Fiji from local produce.

“We are continually working on developing products that can utilize local resources. Our focus has always been identifying produce that can replace the imported items and thus fulfill the needs of the market locally allowing our people to capitalize on the market opportunities that exist within the country,” says Founder/Director Sashi Kiran.

“FRIEND has been trialing with the raw ingredients used in these products for some time now as almost all communities have or can develop access to them that they can make use of for sustainable income sources. We have been working with some of the interested communities over the last few years to plant in order to ensure constant supply for the market,” says Sashi.

“7- Grains is a food that is commonly known amongst the farming families. It is traditionally made from grains available in farming homes like corn, cowpeas and rice plus other grains. We have also made ‘vakalolo’ utilizing Friend’s Fiji Style® Cassava and Friend’s Fiji Style® Desiccated Coconut. Friend’s Fiji Style® Cassava is made from grated sundried cassava and is also expected to be made available for the market soon. Having the two main ingredients of this delectable dish eliminates the need of strenuous and time consuming chores of grating fresh cassava and coconut. It is like having access to ingredients for an “Instant Vakalolo”.

The Governor of Reserve Bank Mr Barry Whiteside officiated at the launch in Tuvu today as he headed a delegation of around 60 senior banking officials from round the region on a field trip to look at successful micro enterprises established through FRIEND.

For more information contact: Sandhya Narayan





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