A new Chairman and Board have been announced to preside over the Land Transport Authority (LTA) in the wake of the recent LTA inquiry and the removal of the previous Board.


The Chairman is lawyer, Vijay Maharaj and he is joined by four other Board members. They are the LTA’s former General Manager of Operations, Aptinko Vaurasi, the businessman, Ashok Patel, the Chief Financial Controller of Vodafone Fiji Limited, Divik Deo, and the RFMF Land Force Commander, Colonel Sitiveni Qiliho. They will all take up a two-year term with immediate effect.


The announcement was made by the Minister for Infrastructure and Transport, Hon. Parveen Kumar, who said he was delighted that the LTA now had a Board capable of presiding over the reform of the organisation.


“Each of these distinguished individuals bring a particular set of skills to the table and I am confident that the LTA is now in good hands. I also want to thank them for their contribution to the nation on behalf of every Fijian,” Minister Kumar said.


The Permanent Secretary for Infrastructure and Transport is also a member of the LTA Board under the relevant legislation and the CEO is an ex-officio member.

Press Release

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