New Primary and Secondary school teachers will undergo a Teacher Induction Programme effective from of 2015.

This was highlighted by the Ministry of Education acting permanent secretary, Basundra Kumar at a recent board meeting with members of the Fiji Teachers Registration Authority (FTRA).

“If teachers are desired to perform to the best of their abilities in schools, they need to be adequately equippedwith a sound knowledge of the Ministry of Education’s vision, mission, policies, principles, structures, support services and resources,” Mrs Kumar said.

“The induction programme will involve workshop and seminar coordinated by the FTRA, which will ensure that the incumbents are properly orientated towards the Fiji’s educational context as our teachers come from different teacher training institutions locally and abroad.

“From 2015, successful completion of the induction programme would become a constituent of the teacher registration process of the Fiji Teachers Registration Authority,” Mrs. Kumar stated. She further clarified that FTRA is already in the process of planning for the programme and specific details will be made public soon.

“Operational and strategic reforms are being engineered to ensure that FTRA, the body that is charged with the responsibility of improving the quality of teachers in Fiji, achieves all of its core functions,” Mrs Kumar said.

She said that she would strongly pursue continuous teacher quality improvement as her primary focus in her capacity of the Chairperson of FTRA.

“To this effect many new exciting initiatives and processes will soon be introduced,” Mrs Kumar said.



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