Quick action by the National Fire Authority (NFA) firefighters and the staff of the Colonial War Memorial (CWM) Hospital in Suva averted a major fire disaster at the CWM Hospital this morning.

The fire emergency call was received at 1025hrs and the fire crew immediately responded. The fire crew arrived at 1033hrs and saw the smoke coming out of the standby Generator, Vacuum Plant Motor and the Oxygen Building which is located next to the Accident &Emergency Department of the CWM Hospital.

The fire crew used the fire extinguisher to fully extinguish the fire that had started from the Vacuum Plant Motor and stopped a potential fire disaster from happening in the CWM Hospital.

NFA CEO John O’Connor said: “The early alert enabled the fire crew to respond quickly to the scene. The fire fighters successfully confined the incident to the area of origin and stopped a fire from happening in the CWM hospital and we are so thankful to the CWM staff for alerting the NFA early.

Press release

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